News 3’s Top Trends: April 4

Today's topics include Kesha on Instagram "I will not take back the TRUTH" about her rape claim, The Walking Dead's nailbiting finale and beliebers vs Directioners, 5SOS Fam, Harmonizers over iHeart Music Awards.

Kesha, “I got offered my freedom if I were to lie”

Social media is reacting to Kesha’s Instagram post that seems to say Sony offered her the chance to break her contract if she agreed to drop her rape charges against producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. Kesha’s post says she was “offered her freedom” but she “would rather let the truth ruin my career than lie for a monster ever again”. Sony has repeatedly said it was not able to break Kesha’s contract with Dr. Luke without solid evidence of Luke’s wrongdoing.


Fans of The Walking Dead are left screaming at their televisions after the season 6 finale. The episode “Last Day on Earth” has fans asking which of nine characters could have died from a hit by Negan’s trusty, rusty barbed wire bat, Lucille. While some fans are Tweeting their anger at having to wait six months for a resolution in season 7, others are taking humor in the scene’s cameraman’s “death” because of the camera angle before Lucille hits home.

#iFakeAward vs #OurJustin

Your kids may be online today posting as part of the Twitter war over Justin Bieber and his “belieber” fans walking away with the iHeart Music Award for “Best Fan Army” at last night’s awards ceremony. The hashtag #iFakeAward circulates between fans of One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Fifth Harmony and even a few “beliebers” who can’t see how “beliebers” took the win. On the other hand, some Bieber fans are standing defiant behind Justin with the hashtag #OurJustin.


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