The Reason Rebekah Mason Won’t Talk

(WKRG) – It’s been 12 days and counting since the scandal broke, and we still haven’t seen Rebekah Mason. Her only correspondence with the media comes in the form of a few vague written statements.

We returned to her house in Tuscaloosa that she shares with her husband, Jon, and their children. No one answered the door, but Jon sent us an email explaining why they’re not talking on camera. “At this time we continue to communicate through statements as advised by our attorney,” Mason wrote.

Just as Mason is trying to stay out of the public eye, so is the secretive “dark money” nonprofit that paid her; ACEGOV. The group’s website suddenly vanished Friday afternoon without any explanation and a secretary for ACEGOV’s chair, Cooper Shattuck, said he’s not doing interviews.

ACEGOV, short for Alabama Council for Excellent Government, was set up by the governor himself last February to promote his tax plan.The group works like a political action committee or PAC. The only difference is a PAC has to disclose where their donations come from. A 501(C)(4) doesn’t have to. So, we really don’t know who or what organizations are funding them.

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