Mikhaela Singleton

MikhaelaMikhaela is excited to return to the WRBL News 3 team fresh from the University of Georgia graduation carpet! Mikhaela first worked for News 3 as a Digital Media Intern during Summer 2015. She says interning at WRBL-TV gave her an incredible chance to learn real-world experience and meet an unforgettable team. Mikhaela chose to return to News 3 for the amazing news team and the creative opportunity to customize a breaking news and web segment for the morning newscast. Mikhaela is passionate about bringing news that people care about to the community and she is committed to WRBL’s vision of open communication on social media between News 3 and its viewers.

Mikhaela studied Digital and Broadcast Journalism at the University of Georgia Grady College. She was also a member of UGA’s Di Gamma Kappa Society for Media and Telecommunication. Mikhaela says she was fortunate enough to travel to New York news stations with DGK.  She met news icons like Deborah Norville and Robin Roberts who gave her valuable advice about following your dreams in journalism.

Mikhaela’s dream is to work for a network news station as a Digital Media Director or an Anchor. Mikhaela hopes her journey into journalism will take her to places around the world. She hopes to share her natural curiosity and love of knowledge with as many people as possible.

When Mikhaela isn’t busy behind the online news desk, she enjoys reading, cooking and playing with her rescue puppy, Iris. Mikhaela also loves practicing her Spanish and Japanese.

If you want to share the news you care about with Mikhaela or tell her what you think of WRBL News 3’s online media, please contact her at: msingleton@wrbl.com

Facebook Page: Mikhaela Singleton WRBL

Twitter: @MSingletonTV

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