Congressional Candidate Wants to Fight for Veterans

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Congressional Candidate Bobby Scott says he wants to clear the air about what his opponent says about where he lives.

And he adds he wants to focus on Veterans’ issues if elected.

Republican Congressional Candidate Bobby Scott says he’s from Columbus and has practiced law for 15 years.

His opponent Greg Duke told us last week he **is** the 2nd district.

Scott says he lives two streets over from the 2nd Congressional district and has only lived there for a few months.

He also says there needs to be more done for veterans in our area.

But he says just building a VA hospital in the district won’t solve the issues within the VA.

For him, the issue is personal.

Congressional Candidate Bobby Scott says, “He will tell me that he can’t go because he had an appointment with the VA. I suggested to him to just reschedule for the next day. He told me it took him two months to get the appointment. I think that’s pathetic.”

Scott says building another VA Hospital doesn’t eliminate the bureaucracy and red tape.

He says if elected he will focus on overhauling the Veterans Administration.

The primary election to decide the Republican candidate is Tuesday, May 24th.

The winner will face incumbent Democrat Sanford Bishop in November.


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