Baker Middle School requests uniforms at school board meeting

COLUMBUS Ga. — Baker Middle School wants to switch to uniforms starting the next calendar year. The school says the purpose of adding school uniforms is to make students feel more professional, so that they can behave accordingly. Many  educators  believe  that  students  can become  distracted  by  fashion  trends  and  status  symbol  clothing.

The new dress code would include: khaki pants, skirts or shorts, white shirts with no logos.

Principal Ramona Horn says she wants the middle school to have uniforms to keep students focused on academics.

“Well I’ve been in schools previously that had uniforms and they’re traditionally elementary schools and we saw the huge benefits there.  In our school we’ve seen an increase in discipline issues around dress code and that equates to instructional time being lost,” said Ramona.

Baker Middle School sent out two surveys to see how faculty and parents would react to the change. 100% of the 44 faculty members were in favor of uniforms and 85% of the parents were in favor as well.

Some organizations have agreed to pitch in to help parents who may need some help paying for the uniforms.

The Muscogee County School Board is set to vote on this issue at its April 18th regular board meeting.

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