‘Reading For Wheels’ excites students at Blanchard Elementary

COLUMBUS, Ga — Summer is on its way and some students at a local elementary school will be riding to the vacation in style.

Blanchard Elementary School Counselor Randalette Williams says the school’s “Reading for Wheels” program will give students points for every book they read. The more they read, the closer they get to the grand prize — one of 10 bicycles donated to the school by a Columbus community member.

“It’s news, and it’s exciting and I think that there’s going to be a lot of reading going on,” says Williams.

Erwin Jenkins donated the 10 bikes to Blanchard Elementary and says his daughter developed her great love of books when she went to Blanchard.

Now, Jenkins says he wants to share the love.

“I got the chance to talk to a couple of kids and they’re really excited about reading and trying to win the bikes, so I look forward to maybe making this an annual thing,” he says.

Fourth grader Camryn McDaniel says she is eager to dive into a book for a chance to win.

“A lot of kids get discouraged and don’t think they can do it and if they have a goal to look forward to, so that they can win something, maybe it will help encourage them.”

Counselor Williams says this is one of the biggest donations Blanchard Elementary has had in years.

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