Local woman suing, claims car dealership sold her a ‘lemon’

Anika Johnson tells News 3 two days after buying a car from Fairbanks Motors, she had to drain her checking and savings accounts on repairs.

COLUMBUS, GA — A local woman is looking to sue Fairbanks Motors because she believes they knowingly sold her a bad car. Anika Johnson is a single mother of four and she says she paid more than $4,000 in repairs for a vehicle that she purchased less than one month ago.

She says she has completely drained her checking and savings accounts and now she wants Fairbanks Motors to reimburse her for the repair work.

Johnson says she paid $6,000  for a 2008 Chevrolet Malibu from Fairbanks Motors which were sold as is.

She let the dealership inspect the car but in less than two days she discovered that the car had a bad transmission and other problems with the engine.

News 3 spoke with Trey Crawford the sales manager at Fairbanks Motor who says he offered Johnson several warranties and she declined any extra coverage on her vehicle.

Leonard Crain the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau says the Georgia Lemon Law doesn’t cover used vehicles.

“If it’s a used vehicle that’s a different animal all together, the used vehicles are generally sold as is,” Crain says

Crain noted when buying a used or new vehicle it’s very important to get your car checked by a mechanic that you trust. It’s crucial to look up the vin number to get any previous accident information.

If you are worried about the vehicle, it’s important to research the different warranty options available to make sure your car is covered.

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