Kia rolls out two millionth vehicle

WEST POINT, Ga. – Employees at the Kia plant in West Point are celebrating a milestone today. Its 2-millionth vehicle made in West Point.

The white 2016 Sorento SXL rolled off the assembly line Tuesday morning with local elected leaders looking on. The Kia plant in West Point has had a huge economic impact on the entire region. In fact, since 2009 – they helped to create 15,000 jobs.

With KIA President and CEO HJ Shinn at the wheel and Georgia Economic Development Commissioner Chris Carr riding shotgun – the two presented the plant’s 2-millionth vehicle – a white 2016 Sorento SXL.

Georgia Economic Development Commissioner Chris Carr says, “It’s a testament to your leadership and a testament to the opportunity that is available to you here in the state of Georgia.”

When Kia decided to build its North American plant in West Point – it became the first manufacturing site in North America.

In 2011 – KMMG, or Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, invested $100 million to expand the plant. Total investment is more than $1.1 billion.

Kia Chief Administrative Officer Randy Jackson says, “I can tell you having been in this industry for a long time with so many others that is an accomplishment that no one can be proud of like we can.”

Local leaders from Troup County, LaGrange, and West Point celebrated proudly.

These leaders helped to bring Kia to the area and helped resussicate a struggling economy after the mills shut down.

Georgia representatives boast Kia as being one of the largest economic development projects in the state’s history.

Carr says, “I am confident this will not be the last time we gather to celebrate a KMMG success.”

This plant helps to create 40% of all KIA’s sold in the United States.

KMMG – Or Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia – creates three vehicles – the Optima Sedan, the Sorento CUV, and the Hyundai Sante Fe.


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