Ala. Attorney General investigating ‘wrongdoings’ in state government

File Photo: Luther Strange, Attorney General

MONTGOMERY, AL — The Alabama Attorney General says his office plans to thoroughly investigate any “illegal activity in this state”.

The statement seems to be in response to accusations of Governor Robert Bentley having an affair with his advisor Rebekah Mason. Bentley denies the affair and says in a press conference Wednesday, “I have never had a physical affair with Ms. Mason.”

The statement by Attorney General Luther Strange released at 2:49 PM Thursday says:

In light of the accusations of potential wrongdoing that have been made over the last two days, and the numerous inquiries that my office has received, I would like to assure the public that the Attorney General’s Office takes very seriously any allegations involving potential criminal misconduct. My office has a strong record of probing illegal activity in this state and we will continue to do our job.

Strange says he will not comment further on the ongoing investigation.

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