CSU program supporting the growing film industry in Georgia

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Dozens of students, faculty and staff gathered at Legacy Hall in the RiverCenter Tuesday evening for the 2016 Spring Speaker Series. Jeffrey Stepakoff, the executive director of the Georgia Film Academy, was the keynote speaker. He says there are big production opportunities in Columbus. The GFA was created to address the demands for a trained production workforce to support the growing film industry. Stepakoff says the industry had a six billion dollar economic impact on Georgia in 2015, with 248 productions shot in the state.
He adds that over the next three to five years, the film industry is projected to generate 3,000-5,000 new jobs in Georgia and that the goal is to keep all employees local. “It’s critical to put our students and our neighbors and returning vets to work events on set and at the sound stage,” Stepakoff says. “We want to make sure that Georgians are participating in our industry here. We want to make sure that we don’t see people coming in and out of our state taking work and then leaving. We want to keep the business here,” he told News 3.

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