Woman says secondhand smoke caused her cancer; changed her life forever

COLUMBUS, Ga. –  It’s estimated that more than 1,400 Georgians die each year from exposure to secondhand smoke. The Breathe Easy Coalition of Columbus wants to add to the number of businesses and public places in our area where people won’t be exposed to the harmful chemicals.

“When people understand how it’s endangering employees and patrons of that business that are being exposed absolutely we’d like to see that changed,” said Nicole Leth of the Breathe Easy Coalition of Columbus.

Charelle  Radcliffe was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma at the age of 17 brought on by exposure to secondhand smoke. Her rare cancer was in her larynx. Today, she breathes through a tracheostomy tube.

“I can’t breathe and speak through my nose and mouth normally I have to use the tracheostomy to assist me in that matter.”

Health officials say there is no safe amount of secondhand smoke. Breathing secondhand smoke for even a short time could have immediate effects on your blood and blood vessels, potentially increasing the risk of a heart attack.

TGIFriday’s has agreed to go smoke-free on Wednesday, March 30 from 5 until 9.

Secondhand smoke contains 50 cancer-causing chemicals. To learn more about how your business can help, visit www.BreatheEasyColumbus.org

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