Plans for adding more parking spaces for Columbus High students

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Folks living in the Lakebottom Park area could soon see fewer students parking on neighborhood streets once a new parking lot is built.  The Muscogee County School Board agreed to buy a house for $250,000.  It will be torn down and made into a parking lot for Columbus High students.

James Capps has lived in the Lakebottom area for eight years.  He says Columbus High students parking on his street has gotten worse in the last three years.

“I’m fearful of a serious accident happening with the street being crowded.  That’s my biggest concern right there,” Capps said.

He could see some relief to the parking problem after the school district announced they are buying land right next to the school to turn into a parking lot.

“This will help alleviate some of the problems this person was talking about.  It’s not going to fix all of the problems.  Look, this is a real estate issue and we can’t create real estate,” said school board member, Frank Myers.

Part of the parking plans include this property already owned by the school, which is called a detaining pond.

“The property next door was offered and it just made sense to tear down that house and then combine it and fix the pipes underneath the ground on the detaining pond and combine the two properties,” Myers explained.

Capps is excited about this new plan.

“I think that would be great and it would probably help more than just the street that I live on.  I’m sure it would help other areas in the neighborhood,” Capps said.

Myers says this project will provide close to 100 parking spots for students.  While that is only about half of the parking spaces they need, he says it’s worth it.

Myers says they have heard some concerns about the purchase price of the house.  He says the purchase is worth the cost to provide more parking spaces for the Columbus High community.

Myers hopes the parking project will be complete in 2016-2017 school year.


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