Medical Marijuana Bill Breathes New Life

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The medical marijuana bill that stalled out in the Georgia Senate is breathing new life.

The supporter of House Bill 722 that passed in the House – Macon Representative Allen Peake found a bill that already passed the Senate last year.

That bill – SB 145 – authored by Columbus Senator Josh McKoon – is now being re-worked in the House.

A House Committee discussed the new medical marijuana bill – now being called SB 145 – and it passed.

Wednesday it was sent back to committee to remove some of the language.

It is set to be sent to the floor of the House for a vote.

after that – because it’s already passed in the senate – this bill takes a different path.

Medical Marijuana Advocate Dale Jackson says, “It now has the language of Senate Bill 122. So it doesn’t have to go back through the normal committee schedule and process. It will go straight to Rules in the Senate.”

If that passes – which it technically already did one time before – it will then go to the Senate floor.

That vote is expected either tuesday or thursday.

Jackson adds he’s very disappointed in how one senator in particular – Senator Renee Unterman of Buford is twisting the parents’ words to block the bill.

So what was considered all but dead – this medical marijuana bill is still alive and it could still be passed.

Advocates are encouraging supporters of medical marijuana to call their State Senators to support this new bill – Senate Bill 145.


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