Developers back out of Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. – Some Harris County residents were very anxious to find out what would be decided about the potential development so close to their homes. They left the meeting relieved.

“I’ve lived in the county for 40 years in the same house and we’re trying to stop a developer from putting up cookie-cutter houses.” Said Brenda McGrotha.

Residents came together to hear the decision at the Harris County Courthouse. The petition “No Cheap Neighborhoods” was started in an effort to keep developers from building on 40 acres of land. Concerned resident, Ray Motes thinks Harris County is already too congested and doesn’t need any new trac  homes.

“I feel like it’s going to be overcrowding situation as well as excessive traffic and everything. The whole system matter fact I think it’s not ready for the growth that’s there and were trying to stop this development. I feel like it’s going to infringe on too many of the neighbors that have been there for years and the property owners and it’s just gonna be a mess.” Said Ray Motes.

“We don’t want overcrowding and our roads are already congested with the traffic our preschool applicants for the last two years the mothers of had to come wait in line and stay overnight just to get a spot in preschool because our area of the county is so over crowded. Our county hasn’t caught up with the rapid development that’s been going on lately.” Said Charles Kuirk.

The Harris County Commission listened to their concerns. They voted against the new development. There will be a follow-up meeting to formally accept the developer’s receding of the project.

The next open meeting is scheduled for March 31 at 7 p.m. Commissioners will further discuss the rezoning issue in Harris County.


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