Coach teaches students how to dress for success

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Young men at Shaw High School are learning about the importance of dressing nicely in what is called “Suited and Booted”.  More than two dozen Shaw High School students in suits and ties for school Wednesday.

Students are learning how to dress for occasions such as banquets and receptions.  Teacher and coach Parise Bailey is teaching students about your dress says about you and creating a positive image.

“Dressing appropriately projects a positive image.  You want to fight the stereotype of just wearing tennis shoes and t-shirts and jeans and saggy pants all the time,” Bailey said.

He says dressing up helps build confidence.  Bailey tells students not to dress for the job they currently have, but dress for the job they want.

Bailey came up with the idea after noticing how some players were dressed inappropriately at a football banquet last fall.

Wednesday afternoon’s meeting was a pilot program.  Bailey hopes to do this once a quarter beginning next school year.


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