Students recreate The Oregon Trail

AUBURN, Ala.- Pick Elementary 3rd graders saddled up for an adventure. Every year, the school recreates The Oregon Trail.

The students are grouped into families to hit the trail, learning what life was like without many of todays amenities.

“They learn about the challenges of living without electricity, making your own food, hunting and things like that so it really just gives them a connection with the past,” says teacher Debbi Coleman.

They connect with the past, and now have a better appreciation of their present and future.

Coleman says this is a memory the students will keep forever. “This is something that they’ll look back even when they’re in high school or college and they’ll go ‘Oh yeah I remember when we did that. I remember when we pulled the wagons through the woods,” she said.

So the dust settles on Pick Elementary’s Oregon Trail, until the next set of pioneers begin their quest next year.


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