Harris County residents put up sign to protest rezoning

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. – A proposal to rezone a neighborhood in Harris County has some neighbors upset.

They’re so upset they started a petition and put up a pretty blunt sign.

Just a few weeks ago – neighbors along Mountain Hill Road in Harris County noticed rezoning signs going through their neighborhood. It wasn’t too long before they had a sign of their own.

Harris County Resident Jim Hughie says, “This sign here came up about three days ago. Our neighbor put it up to get more input.”

The sign – makes a pretty clear statement – no cheap neighborhoods.

It sits along Mountain Hill Road in Harris County near a county rezoning sign.

“We’re concerned about a subdivision being planned to go behind our homes here on a 40 acre track,” said Hughie.

They’re so concerned – they attached a petition to the sign and so far they have 100 signatures.

We saw at least three people stop and sign the petition in the time we were there doing our story.

The county did take it down briefly until the neighbors talked to county and legally put it back up.

Hughie says the neighbors’ concerns come down to overcrowded roads near schools – and property values.

“We’re concerned about our property values if we get a lot of less than quality or lower valued houses it will reduce the value of our houses that we worked so hard for.”

There are two other subdivisions planned in this area already.

According to Harris County Commissioner Becky Langston who represents this neighborhood – she hasn’t seen the paperwork on the plans and doesn’t have an opinion yet.

She applauds this group for getting involved before a decision is made.

Hughie and the neighbors along Mountain Hill Road say they’ll stay on top of this issue.

“I’m not really mad. We’re just very concerned. We don’t get mad, we just try to get even.”

The neighbors tell us this sign – along with the petition – will stay up until the commissioners make a decision.

The neighbor’s sign will remain up through next Wednesday when there will be a zoning committee meeting.

If you would like to sign the petition – you can sign it on site or online.

Just click on this link to the Harris County Neighborhood Watchers on Facebook –



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