Auburn High celebrates diversity with ‘World’s Fair’

AUBURN, Ala.- Folks in Auburn lined up to taste a home-made English tart, make traditional Guatemalan dolls and take part in other activities from all around the world.

It was all part of Auburn High’s World’s Fair, an event that celebrates diversity.

“That’s the one thing that I feel like we can all rally around and we can all take pride in, how diverse we are and all the countries that are represented,” says Faculty Advisor Beth Antoine.

She was joined by Auburn High students to create a marketplace that displays food, goods and information for a number of countries. With more than 66 countries represented within the school, they felt it was important to share and celebrate.

Student Kelly Kakkar says the World’s Fair is not only important for the people from different countries. “It’s also important for the traditional Americans that are here. They should be able to experience these other cultures and learn about these cultures,” she said.

It’s a celebration that started in the classroom and is now shared in the community.



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