Auburn High football players mentor elementary students

AUBURN, Ala.- Every other Wednesday, Auburn High football players give their time to kids in the community. They read, play games and review spelling with students from Dean Road Elementary.

It’s a chance for the players to use their leadership skills off the field. “Obviously they have their parents, but it’s also good to have people in the same city and school system if they ever need anything that we’re here for them and they can hopefully look up to us as good examples,” says football player Avery Atkins. He took time to sit down with elementary student Gregory Moss to read a few books.

Head Coach Adam Winegarden says whether they realize it or not, these players have a responsibility to be role-models. “The quarterback that throws the best pass in my mind is not Tom Brady or Payton Manning or Brett Favre, it’s the high school quarterback that I watched as a 10 year old from the fence, watching them warm up when I was a small child,” he says.

And whether you’re a small child or an athlete in high school, Coach Winegarden has one goal in mind. “We’re one big community here at Auburn City Schools and we want everybody to be a part of our program and feel impacted by what we’re doing.”

It’s an impact they hope will last a lifetime.

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