State ready for trial in Gorman case

Joshua Gorman was 16-years-old at the time of the accident.

RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. – The Phenix City teen accused of running over a man and killing him last April was in court Wednesday morning.  Josh Gorman is accused of killing Nathan Wombles who was a dad and husband.

State prosecutors said they’re ready for trial for the murder charges.

Neal Pope is prosecuting a civil action against Gorman.  Pope plans to sue Gorman for wrongful death once they finish their own investigation.

“This is very egregious as you know.  You know something about the facts.  This is not somebody that is running a stop sign and hitting somebody.  We think there’s a great deal more to this than just that,” Pope said.

He says they are looking into other individuals involved in Wombles’ death.  Those individuals may be facing a lawsuit as well.

Gorman’s lawyer did not want to comment about the criminal case.

Gorman heads back to court again on April 20th.  The trial date is set for May 2nd.



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