Things to consider before gifting a pet

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Millions of Americans are exchanging Valentine’s gifts Sunday.  Some of those gifts include giving a loved one a new pet.

Studies done by the ASPCA suggest that policies stating that pets should not be adopted as gifts are wrong.  Bobbi Yeo with PAWS Humane says she has only seen one person return a pet originally bought as a gift in four years.

If you are interested in adopting a pet for someone as a gift, Yeo says there are a few things to consider first.

“How well do you know this person?  Are you certain that they do want a pet and what kind of housing arrangement do they have?  Apartment complexes won’t allow pets,” Yeo said.

Yeo says the person receiving the pet should express desire to have a pet consistently over a period of time.  She also says that person should have the ability to care for a pet in terms of time and financial resources.


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