Homeless numbers down during freezing temperatures

COLUMBUS, Ga. –  We’ve already had a handful of freezing nights in Columbus already this year.  Different organizations have been opening up their doors to the homeless so they can have a warm place to stay.

The Safehouse has been open 10 nights so far this year because of freezing temperatures.  Safehouse director Neil Richardson says they’ve housed an average of more than 50 people a night when they open up due to the cold.

He says last year, they averaged between 60 to 80 people during freezing nights.  Richardson says they send two crews out each night during the freezes to bring supplies to those who don’t come to the warming center.  This year, Safehouse saw fewer people still out braving the cold.

“It says that when we work together as a community instead of a whole bunch of little stove pipes, we can get things done and it says that when there is good leadership, good focus, and everybody is rowing in the same direction, we can make things happen,” Richardson said.

Richardson credits the United Way’s “Home for Good” effort at bringing awareness to the community to help decrease the homeless population in the Fountain City.



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