Students learning history through firsthand accounts

AUBURN, Ala. – There are many ways to remember our veterans and now Auburn High School students are doing it a little differently.  They are honoring the legacy of veterans in East Alabama and West Georgia through an oral history.

Students will interview our local veterans and contribute the interviews to the Library of Congress.

“Hopefully through this project we can show our gratitude and appreciation for the bravery and heroic actions that they contributed to the war effort,” said history teacher, Blake Busbin.

The interviews with the veterans will take place at Auburn High School in March over the course of two days.

“We want to know about the veterans life as a whole.  Questions range from what was life like in training to what was the environment like in which you served.  Such questions as how have you stayed involved with veterans affairs following?” Busbin said.

Bentley Sims participated in the project last year and now has a new appreciation for veterans and what they went through.

“I got to hear a bunch of different stories from people who were in combat and one of my guys was in charge of flying the planes and jets over Vietnam so it was really interesting to hear,” Sims said.

The project is in its third year at Auburn High School.

“We’ve added this year a dimension in which we’re trying to collect photos of the fallen heroes from Georgia and Alabama to then contribute them the Vietnam Memorial fund’s Wall of Faces in hopes that their faces, as well as their names, will never be forgotten,” Busbin explained.

The stories from Auburn High School will be part of a national project called the Veterans History Project.  Any Vietnam-era veterans interested in participating can click here for more information.

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