Ground broken for Buffalo Soldiers monument at National Infantry Museum

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Buffalo Soldiers was the name given to multiple units in the Army from 1866 to 1951, along with the 25th Infantry Regiment; the Army’s only bicycle corps in the Army. On Friday, during the month that celebrates Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays, ground for a Buffalo Soldiers monument was broken at Fort Benning.


Members of Global Association of Buffalo Soldiers Recognition and Riding Club along with others, gathered along the National Infantry Museum’s Memorial Walk of Honor for the ceremony.

Grady Snell ,Jr. a retired First Sergeant in the Army was the emcee for the event. He says the community raised $15,000 to earn a spot on the path for the monument. He says those donations show that it is time for the Buffalo Soldiers to be recognized. “If the Buffalo Soldiers had failed when they gave them the test with the 6th Regiment, then for me getting the opportunity to serve in the United States regular Army probably would have never existed,” Snell said.

Construction is set to begin sometime in the spring and it is slated for completion late this year or early next year.

Renderings of the plans
Renderings of the plans

To donate to the monument’s cause: you can send a check to: Buffalo Soldiers Global at P.O. Box 53501, Fort. Benning, Ga 31995.

You can also go to

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