CSU and Springer Opera House merge together

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Inside the Riverside Theatre on Thursday, Columbus State and Springer Opera House stood in front of CSU students to announce the merger of the two to create the Georgia Repertory Theatre.

Those behind the merger say the goal is for the theatre to be “America’s professional teaching theatre.” One of their hopes is to give students the chance to find jobs and internships as a result of the program.


During the event, Paul Pierce, the artistic director of the Springer Opera House, laid out some of the goals of the GRT. The theatre hopes to make Columbus the prime location for top-notch theatre and film training in the country, provide subsidized tickets for all students in every school in the district, expand enrollment to help make Columbus State the largest and best theatre department in the South and many more.

The theatre estimates there will be 442 annual performances with an average annual attendance of 160,000. They plan to do eight mainstage series productions along with six studio series productions.

Larry Dooley, the Chair of CSU’s Theatre Department says “This is exactly what we need for the theatre department,” Dooley said. “We have very much been a state theatre department in terms of recruiting from Georgia, and this is going to be an opportunity for us, and we have gotten some of the best students in Georgia; I have to say. We have tremendous students in our program, but this is going to make us a first choice institution- not only for Georgia but in the region and beyond that.”

For more on the Georgia Repertory Theatre, you can visit their website


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