Columbus Department Head Warns “There’s No Money in the Budget”

COLUMBUS, Ga. – It’s going to be a tough year for Columbus city leaders to balance the budget.

In fact, one department head went before the city council to let them know she’s going over budget by hundreds of thousands .

This means the city’s budget process is not going to be pretty.

Public Works Director Pat Biegler is in charge of all the city’s facilities – including the Government Center and Aquatic Center.

She warned the city council earlier this week – the facilities maintenance budget will be $350,000 over budget.

She says there is simply no money in the budget.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says the city is climbing out of this situation that took many many years to get into.

“Now all these things have hit the wall. so now you see us making these dramatic reforms and we’ve done them before and been successful like the pension and various other things.”

Tomlinson says in retrospect the council should have reformed its pension, healthcare and integrated budget waste years ago.

When it comes to making the tough decisions – Mayor Tomlinson says the council is up to the challenge to take care of the budget and we can expect to see some frustration and a lot of debate.



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