Columbus City Leader Hoping to Bump Up Safety

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A car plows into a Columbus home nearly missing the family members inside.

Everyone is okay, but we found out this isn’t the first time it’s happened to them.

Now City Councilor Bruce Huff says this needs to be a priority.

“We’re down to life and death and someone is going to get really hurt.”

Columbus City Councilor Bruce Huff wanted to see for himself the latest damage to this home at the intersection of Caspian and Allied.

Around 2AM Sunday a car plowed right into the home ripping up shrubs and driving through a wall of cement blocks.

“Someone was driving under the influence and speeding and lost control of their car. And surprised the family once again.”

Once again is right – Huff says this is actually the third time this has happened.

Here is a picture of what it looks like inside.

“A young kid who happened not to be in that particular room at the time. Someone could have been been seriously injured or killed.”

Huff wants to put 3-to-4 speed tables along this road.

He requested the city workers to consider pushing this need to the top of the list – but still needs to get his fellow city councilors on board to push this proposal through.

“I’m hoping and praying we can get this moved up on the priority list to make sure we don’t incur any deaths in this neighborhood.”‘

Huff says the engineering department is doing all it can do but this is a special situation and he’s hoping neighbors will support this measure.

If the speed tables are approved, they would be installed after July 1st when the next budget cycle begins.


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