Celebrity Praises Columbus Programs

COLUMBUS, Ga. – One of the country’s biggest animal advocates stopped by Columbus to support PAWS Humane.

Beth Stern – a best selling author and wife to shock jock Howard Stern – says she believes in what PAWS is doing for the area.

A-list celebrity Beth Stern says she doesn’t do this type of event very often but when she heard about what is going on Columbus – she had to see for herself.

“The more I read about the mayor and what she’s accomplished the last few years and what PAWS is about – this is truly an honor to be here today.”

Stern headlined the PAWS luncheon fundraiser.

She says she doesn’t usually make appearances like this – but she is impressed with the mayor’s TNR or Trap, Neuter, and Release program.

It’s led to a euthanasia rate that dropped from 80%-26%.

“What she’s doing is changing the world. It’s people like that who are changing the world,” said Stern.

Stern also congratulated the efforts of Sgt. Shannon Zeisloft, also known as Sgt. “Z” and her jail therapy dog Beethoven.

Beethoven visits the inmates with mental issues – and it’s working.

Beethoven is deaf and is a PAWS rescue.

“I’m not one for all the hype but Beethoven deserves everything he works so hard,” Sgt. Z says.

Stern and her husband shock jock Howard Stern have fostered more than 200 cats and kittens in two and a half years.

She hopes to continue getting out the message of advocating for animals everywhere.

“Don’t buy pet stores – go to your local shelters and find the love of your life. That’s the bottom line for what I like to share and spread.”

Stern has written several books about her animals including one about her cat Yoda. All the proceeds of her books go to charity.


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