SEC Voters to Have Big Influence

COLUMBUS, Ga. – According to local political experts – last night’s results also show Chattahoochee Valley voters could have a huge influence on nominating the next presidential candidates.

The SEC primary is March 1st, but it may not bring the results Georgia state leaders intended.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp – also a Republican – pushed to have the SEC primary March 1st so the southern states could have more of a say in who the nominees will be.

According to our political expert Nick Easton – the south may very well choose a conservative candidate – but that candidate may be too conservative to be elected.

For Republicans – Easton says the most viable candidate right now is Marco Rubio.

He says you can tell a lot about what **may** happen from last night’s Iowa Caucus.

Nick Easton, CSU Political Science Professor

“It said a lot of things to us. Trump’s not unstoppable. Rubio is rising and some of the also-rans are sliding away,” said

Easton adds for the Democrats – Hilary Clinton just barely won over Bernie Sanders – but he expects Clinton to pull away from Sanders in New Hampshire.

He did mention it was interesting to note the majority of very young voters did not support Clinton.

What all this means – is that every vote will count here in Alabama and Georgia.

Remember you can still register to vote in Alabama until February 15th.


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