Johnny Barfield to fill Chris Blackshear’s seat on city council

New Member-at-Large, Johnny Barfield

PHENIX CITY, Ala.- Tuesday was Chris Blackshear’s first day in Alabama’s House of Representatives in Montgomery. During the city council meeting, Councilman Arthur Day made a motion for retired postal worker, Johhny Barfield to take over Blackshear’s seat. The motion passed unanimously.

Barfield, who has lived in Phenix City for the majority of his life says it is an honor to be chosen for the seat. He ran against Blackshear in 2012. He says is excited to hit the ground running and work with the rest of the city council members to keep raising the level in Phenix City. “We have such a vibrant city going on now and it can only get better, and with the actions this council has already taken and with a few of the ideas I have, hopefully we can build on that together,” Barfield said.

New Member-at-Large, Johnny Barfield
New Member-at-Large, Johnny Barfield

During Tuesday morning’s meeting, City Manager, Wallace Hunter, says he had been receiving numerous phone calls regarding filling the seat. Hunter said he does not vote in the process, but added that the job is about doing the best you can to serve others, not about yourself. Hunter added that some of the calls he received were not necessary. “People was flocking around yesterday, calling around trying to tell which way people should vote,” City Manager Hunter said. “We live in a Democracy, but instead they telling people who they should vote for, who should be this way and saying things that’s not true about people over an 8 month appointment.”

Mayor Eddie Lowe said he has received phone calls and letters and seen letters sent to other council members regarding their job performance. He says leaders can not always function with people telling them how to do their jobs. He says you leaders act based on the right thing to do. Mayor Lowe said the process council followed to make this appointment was one they could hang their hats on; anyone who ran in the original race for the seat was considered for the job.

Councilman Arthur Day was unanimously voted to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem.

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