High Speed Rail Gets Green Light From Newnan Leaders

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The proposed high speed rail in Columbus gets a green light from a nearby city.

Newnan city leaders gave their support for the plan putting the idea of a high-speed rail extending from Columbus to Atlanta into motion.

The mayor’s plan to bring high speed rail to Columbus is on track.

With the Newnan leaders now on board – Teresa Tomlinson hopes its full steam ahead.

Brenna Maize commutes from Atlanta to Columbus to spend time with her family .

She knows all too well about Atlanta traffic and congestion and believes a high speed rail is a great idea.

“A train directly from Atlanta to Columbus and not think about traffic? As long as there is somewhere to park in Atlanta and come down here. That would be great!”

Newnan city leaders last week approved the efforts of Columbus in seeking a $6 million grant for the environmental impact study.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson enouraged this vote of support in hopes it will help Columbus win this grant.

“The city of Newnan voted to support the application unanimously. That’s exciting because there’s only one stop and that would be in Newnan.”

The proposed $3 billion rail would be placed along the Interstates 185 and 85 – 90 miles from the Columbus airport to Atlanta’s airport – running up to 210 miles an hour and making a stop in Newnan.

A trip to Atlanta from Columbus would be about an hour.

A trip from Newnan to Atlanta – 15 minutes.

It’s expected to help put Columbus’ airport on the map – hopefully creating a low-cost airline hub for the region and possibly creating Atlanta’s 6th runway.

“What we’re talking about is connecting the economic resources of two separate communities. Making Columbus and Atlanta bedroom communities of one another without recreating the expensive sprawl,” said Tomlinson.

A feasibility study conducted a few years ago showed a high speed rail would be profitable in the first year of operation.

Tomlinson says they expect to find out if the grant is approved.

If it does get the green light, it will roll out in 2030.

“We have to think to ourselves what an opportunity we missed on the US Interstate System, and whether we want to miss that opportunity again.”


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