Ambulance service possibly coming to Chattahoochee County

CUSSETA, Ga.- Near the end of 2015, the Commission of Unified Government of Cusseta and Chattahoochee County has discussed adding $10 onto residents’ water bills to help facilitate a full-time ambulance service.


The ambulance(s) would be stationed in the area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Officials have notified citizens in various ways regarding the possible fee such as advertisements, social media and other methods.

Tuesday, commissioners held one of their final public discussion prior to the March vote.

News 3 spoke with Nancy Powell who has lived in the area for a little more than a year. She says everywhere she has lived, there has been an ambulance service. She questions why there was not one in the area before this possible addition. She says she would be in favor of the service and she can afford the $10, but she is looking out for others if the fee passes. “There’s so many people who can’t afford that $10 and for him to narrow it down to $0.34 a day.,” Powell. “Well, have you ever hit rock bottom to where you’ve had nothing and lost all that you did have and had to start over? That’s what it boils down to.”


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