Raising money for veterans one mile at a time

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Saturday kicks off an international fundraising event, Run Ranger Run, to help veterans.  Run Ranger Run encourages participants to keep track of how many miles they run, walk, and/or bike through the month of February.

The goal is for each team to log a total of 565 miles in 28 days.  Since this year is a leap year, there are 29 days this time.

The money goes to GallantFew, which benefits veterans who need help transitioning back into civilian life.  Candyss Bryant with GallantFew has been serving the veteran community for 17 years.

“They’re my brothers or my sisters.  There the ones that probably saved my life a long time ago and teaching me what honor and duty and respect is so they’re a big part of my heart,” Bryant said.

This is the fundraiser’s fourth year.  During the run’s first year, Bryant says an Army Ranger had trouble transitioning from active military duty to civilian life so, he decided he was going to run home from Fort Benning to Indianapolis.  That distance is 565 miles.  He made it just over halfway before he got stress fractures.  He finished the rest of the trip by riding his bike.

If you are interested in participating, click here for the registration link.  The goal is to raise $150,000.  They expect 1,400 participants in this years Run Ranger Run from all over the world.


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