Should firearms be allowed on college campuses?

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — An Alabama State Representative wants to pass legislation that could allow students at Alabama colleges to carry firearms on campus.

State Representative Mack Butler from Etowah County is proposing a constitutional amendment that would allow people with concealed carry pistol permits to carry firearms on state college campuses. Students like Dalton Dismukes support that idea 100 percent.

“I firmly believe that this legislation is going to fundamentally transform safety on this campus.  And could give students the opportunity to protect themselves that maybe Police officers can’t,” Dismukes said.

It is illegal for students to carry guns on the University of Alabama’s campus. According to state representative Mack Butler, allowing students to carry weapons could possibly prevent future mass shootings on College campuses.  And Tuscaloosa Bama Carry member Paul Arnold agrees. The group is a pro-gun support organization.

“I am hoping it goes through, you are a soft target if people know your unarmed. We need to take steps that will protect our kids in college and this is a good idea.”

Dalton Dismukes agrees. He knows it will be an uphill battle to pass the proposed gun carry legislation, but says its worth the fight.

“I want to be able to carry my firearm on campus, I’m trained and I have a pistol license. I am asking the voters of the State of Alabama that once it passes the house and senate. I want to see it passed.”

The senior reached out to Butler and helped the representative work on the proposed legislation.

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