Mad scientist challenges young minds

COLUMBUS, Ga. – We all have memories of teachers who went out of their way to make a subject interesting. In this case, it’s a touring ball of energy who makes learning science fun.

“Good morning, good morning. Very good. My name is Doc Atoms, the mad scientist, and I love science.. all types of science.”

Doc’s real name is Eric Willis. He’s from Chattahoochee County, graduate from Spencer High School and Columbus State. He’s found his niche with a traveling science show.

“What I like to do is show you why science is applicable in your day to day life.” Doc Atoms, “Mad” Scientist says.

On this particular day his audience, the fifth grade classes at River Road Elementary in Columbus and the students were actively involved in the demonstrations.

“Keep going, keep going. Stop. Put them on your face. What do you feel? You feel hot, right? And that is something called what? Very good, friction. Okay.”

Doc Atoms doesn’t mind when his experiments blow up in his face.

“Go ahead, pump one, two, three, keep going. You see why I don’t like that one.”

“Today they learned something about air pressure. And because of the wonder and the happiness when they see it and they’re just so excited and so happy and it’s so loud. I love that. That for me is the best part. That is my motivation, seeing them laugh, seeing them learn something new.”

“One, two, three that’s enough. Whoa! This is called the cloud in a bottle. So much pressure was added to the alcohol that it automatically evaporated.”

Doc believes the students he performs for are the hope of tomorrow.

“What I hope I plant the seed of is exploration in science, because those are the people, these people that were sitting down on the floor, those are the people that will be the doctors, the engineers, they will be the scientists that we need to build a bridge.”


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