Local artist designs unique Super Bowl 50 helmet

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Super Bowl 50 is coming up on Sunday, February 7 and CBS and WRBL will be broadcasting the annual classic. One of the unique ways we are commemorating the event is by auctioning off a uniquely designed Super Bowl 50 helmet. To accomplish that goal, we turned to a local artist we have featured before.

BID ON THE HELMET SuperBowlHelmetAuction

You may recall the story of Jerramen Washington. He went to school to study art and has become quite talented with colored pencils. His favorite subjects to draw are University of Georgia football players. Jerramen stayed quite busy during the recent college football season. It was only natural that we turned to Jerramen to help us with our Super Bowl helmet design. His challenge was to paint it with iconic features that would represent Columbus and we left those up to him.

“It’s a real broad area so there’s a lot to incorporate, but I didn’t want to do so much that I would kind of cluster the helmet.”  says Jerramen Washington.

The helmet has five main focal points.

  1. The city is built on the river, so of course you had to put the river in there.
  2. I wanted to incorporate the Riverwalk in the helmet because it’s such a beautiful site and a historical site at the same time.
  3. A lot of people don’t know AFLAC was started in Columbus, and AFLAC is a real big sponsor of sporting events. So I thought I would put that on there.
  4. Everybody drinks Coca Cola. Coca Cola is from Columbus. It was started here, so why not put that? It’s not Atlanta…Columbus.
  5. Fort Benning is one of the biggest military bases in the country, located here in Columbus. That’s another thing I wanted to do and kind of show my respects and show the soldiers that we appreciate them and everything that they do.

The proceeds from the online auction of the helmet will go to the United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley.

“A real keepsake that we hope will raise hundreds if not thousands of dollars because there’s only going to be one. There’s only one 50th Super Bowl. I think people ought to bid early, bid often, and bid high.” Says United Way President & CEO Scott Ferguson



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