Polishing the cosmetology experience

Some facts you should know

Potential business mistreatment can happen to anyone, especially in cosmetology.

SMITHS STATION, Ala. – Next time you go to the nail salon, there are some tips you should file away that could save you some pain, both physical and financial.

Potential business mistreatment can happen to anyone, especially in cosmetology. So News 3 headed to Nails by Willa in Smiths Station to learn about some of the shortcuts other salons might try to get away with when doing your nail. Salon owner Willa Neice describes some of the shortcuts nail techs might use.

“We all have our little, you can call them bad habits if you want to,” Neice shares. “They’re not really bad habits. But everybody does a shortcut to a degree.”

Neice says as long as businesses don’t sacrifice sanitation and a client’s health and safety, it’s okay to take certain shortcuts. In Georgia and Alabama, sanitation is necessary for every instrument a nail tech uses. Sterilization is not required.

When treating feet, many nail salons use a cheese grater or credo knife. However, according to guidelines and regulations, these items are not approved. Several customers even get an unsatisfactory experience at times when they get cuts on their feet as a result.

“The cheese grater, for lack of a better term, is illegal,” Neice says. “The reason it’s illegal is because there is no back on it. So it takes off at least seven layers of skin every time.”

Neice uses a foot buffer because they’re not only sharp, but have a back to protect skin. Foot buffers are also easy to clean. Neice also does not implement jets in her foot basin because she says they’re a little antiquated and hard to clean. She uses another apparatus that works for her. One trick to discover if the foot basins are clean is to rub your fingers along the edges. If there is residue, the tub is not totally clean.

If someone does experience malpractice at a nail shop or anywhere else, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can help.

“There’s always two sides to every story,” Leonard Crane, bureau spokesman says. “And that’s how we approach each issue that a consumer might have with a company. Sometimes the consumers wrong, but it’s hard for the company to basically convey that to their customer.”

The main goal revolves around building, or in some cases, rebuilding trust between the customer and the business.

“The point of reestablishing trust between the customer and the company is part of the free enterprise system,” Crane adds. “If you don’t trust anybody, you’re not going to do business with them.”

The BBB will also mediate or arbitrate individual cases. Perks are available for companies registered with the BBB as well. To learn more, click here.

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