Columbus woman petitions to bring wrongfully imprisoned daughter and friend home

Michelle with her daughter's picture

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Michelle Jackson has been without her oldest daughter, Monique since May. Monique served seven years in the military and spent most of that time in Kuwait. After her time in the service was done, she stayed in Kuwait to work as a contractor. Once the contract was up, Monique and her friend Larissa stayed in Kuwait to work in the music industry. The Friday before Mother’s Day, just before they were set to come home, the two were arrested after an ounce of a tobacco like substance was found in their residence. “That was like the worst news I could have ever received,” Jackson said. “You’re supposed to be on a plane coming back home. How did a plane trip back home turn into you spending time in jail?”

Michelle with her daughter's picture
Michelle with her daughter’s picture

Recently she learned that Monique and her friend, were sentenced to 20 to 25 years in a Kuwait prison

Monique and Larissa
Monique and Larissa


Michelle says a test of the substance proved it was not an illegal substance. A lawyer told her that the women would be out in 30, 60 and 90 days, but that never happened. She added that things in the case keep changing such as the amount of the substance that was found.

After learning of the sentencing, Jackson and her two kids began to pray. They then created a petition to try and help free them. Their original hope was to just try and have a few people hear their story, but close to 5,000 people have signed it.

Michelle says that the past couple of months have been extremely tough on her. She says it takes everything out of her, but her faith and the thought of her daughter’s situation helps her to keep going. “I know that she needs me to be strong because I’m her only hope right now,” Jackson said. “I’m her only hope. If it’s my last breath, I’m bringing my child home one way or another.”

A GoFundMe account will be started soon to help pay for legal costs. As soon as it becomes available, we will bring that to you.


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