Update on raw sewage in Columbus woman’s home


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COLUMBUS, Ga.- The day before New Year’s Eve, News 3 spoke with Patricia Glaser of Columbus. She was dealing with water problems due to recent rains. While at her home, she told News 3 that raw sewage was seeping into the home.

We caught back up with her on Tuesday. Since our last visit, the sump pumps have removed the standing water in the backyard.

Columbus Water Works took a water sample on New Year’s Eve and they say the sewage levels in the water were highly elevated. They added the sample indicated the possibility of sewage or contamination from natural runoff from the environment. They added that the issue does not stem from Columbus Water Works’ infrastructure, instead it is on private property. They did contact the health department as protocol.



After the water was removed
After the water was removed

Glaser says she has been living a nightmare since 2008 when the apartment complex behind her were being worked on and a catch basin was removed and pipes were added to neighbors and Glaser’ properties. “It’s upsetting to think that you have raw sewage coming in on you and your neighbors is sickening and it literally could be sickening because of the contamination of the soil,” Glaser said.

Glaser added she has lived in the neighborhood since 2000 and hoped to live there permanently. However, due to the recent events, “I’m really going to have to consider trying to locate a neighborhood that I want to go into, that I can afford to go into and then to physically collect all my belongings and move,” Glaser said. “It’s just overwhelming.” She added that is awaiting feedback from the health department and may contact the mayor to see if the city would consider buying the properties because she feels the sewage has hurt their value.

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