Possible changes coming to Downtown Auburn

AUBURN, Ala.- The City of Auburn is hoping to bring the combination of new parking deck, hotel and grocery store to the downtown area just off of Gay Street.

News 3 spoke with Auburn City Manager Charlie Duggan on Monday. He says the City Council approved a term sheet that allows the city to work on a full contract with the developer. A vote on the project would come no sooner than April. He also added that none of the project would be for residential usage.

The new project would take up a little less than two acres. It would be situated in the area off Gay Street where the current Auburn Municipal Parking Deck stands. If approved, demolition would be in January of 2017. That deck was completed in 1986 and has a little less than 200 spaces. The new deck would have 730 spaces, with 430 of them being public. The city hopes to have part of the deck completed by Fall 2017.

auburn development2 auburndevelopment1 auburndevelopment3 auburndevelopment4

The goal is to have a national hotel chain be a part of the complex. The hotel would have between 90 and 130 rooms.

The grocery store would be a 28,000 to 31,000 square foot full service store. Possible names for the store include: Kroger, Publix, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and others.

City Manager Duggan said, “not only will we be able to replace the deck that we have now; we’ll be able to add more spaces. We’ll also be able to add another hotel offering and for those people who live and work downtown, there’ll be a place they can just walk to for the grocery store.”

If all goes according to plan, the complex would be completed by the Summer of 2018.

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