Otis Sistrunk presents Super Bowl golden ball to Spencer

With the national championship behind us, the next big football game on the horizon is the Super Bowl, a game you can in February on WRBL. The NFL is giving former Super Bowl players golden footballs they can share with their high schools.

At halftime of the Spencer basketball game Tuesday night, former Green Wave star Otis Sistruck presented the Spencer team with his golden football. He played defensive line for the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl 11 when they beat the Minnesota Vikings.

“To me, it was special because I went to Spencer and all the kids here are pretty nice here already. The ball is going to be extra.  The Super Bowl was very nice, played against Fran Tarkenton from Georgia. We won. We beat Minnesota. It was a happy day in my life. I wear my ring all the time. It’s very special to me,” Sistrunk said.

Sistrunk actually never played college football. He played for Spencer, and then went to the Marines, played semi-pro football after that, then 7 years in the NFL.

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