City Pays $72,000 in Attorney Fees for Sheriff

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The City of Columbus is paying more money to the Muscogee County Sheriff in the Darr versus Columbus law suit.

The city council approved freeing up the money today in its regular city council meeting.

the city council approved $72,000 today to pay for the Sheriff’s attorney’s fees – that’s just for this month.

It’s a part of the lawsuit Sheriff Darr and several other municipal officers filed against the city in 2014 -contending their budgets were not enough.

The city is paying – but under objection – because according to Mayor Teresa Tomlinson – the city feels it’s not being done in the correct process.

This isn’t the first nor will it be the last time they have to free up money from the operating budget.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says, “I think one of the falacies in this process is that there’s a magic pot of money that we can pay for extra things. That’s not accurate and it never has been accurate and particularly now when things are very tight literally to pay an extra expense – you’re going to take the money from somewhere else.”

As long on the litigation continues -and the court order remains in place – the city will continue to pay these attorney’s fees.

The other cases involving the other offices that are not incurring any fees currently.

The Darr versus the city of Columbus case will be tried in March of this year.



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