Russell County Sheriff reacts to new gun laws

A local Sheriff is sharing his reaction to President Obama’s executive action on new gun laws. Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor knows all too well about the background behind President Obama’s decision.

This past June, Rusty Houser gunned down three people, including himself. He also injured nine others in a movie theater in LaFayette, Louisiana. Houser’s gun was traced back to Phenix City, Sheriff’s Taylor’s backyard. The sheriff fiercely called for mental background checks after that incident. He believes the President’s executive action to provide more federal funding for mental health background checks is a step in the right direction.

“If you look at all the shootings around the country that the president referred to in his press conference, I think without fail every one of those is a mental health offender,” Sheriff Taylor said.

The new regulations apply to anyone who sells guns over the counter or online. They must now register as licensed gun dealers and keep formal firearm sales records

Sheriff Taylor added that hiring agents and allotting more money to mental health background checks will only help if the proper channels to trace people with mental health problems are taken.


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