Lots of work ahead in triple homicide case

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Major Gil Slouchick of Columbus Police Department says they have no motives, theories or suspect descriptions in the triple homicide that took place in Upatoi. He says they do not want to speculate on anything and narrow their focus, especially if what they zero in on is wrong.

He says a murder case is tough, but when it involves young children it takes the case to an entirely different level. The two stolen vehicles are still being processed for fingerprints and other trace evidence. He says investigators are working around the clock and chasing every lead possible, but can’t give any more details about those leads. “If I sit here and tell you I’m looking at this, and I’m looking at this, I’m not just telling you, I’m telling him or them and I’m not gonna tell em what we’re doing,” Major Slouchick said.

We reached out to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and they say their Columbus field office is not involved in the case.

HomicideRicky Holder worked for the Auburn Police Department for 25 years. For the past six years, he has been running his own private investigation firm. Despite the fact he has no connection to the case, he can relate to what is going on in the case.

Holder believes law enforcement will be looking into burglary reports in the area as well as suspicious person reports. He also says evidence from the scene and past reports are crucial to the case. He says it will be a tough road ahead and police are going to need some breaks to go their way, but getting those key pieces of evidence are a great feeling.

According to Holder, this could have been a burglary gone wrong, a robbery, drug or gang related. He also thinks it could have been a complete stranger or someone who knew the family.

Holder says from his own experience, the case will be tough emotionally. “It will be hard for a while going through this,” Holder said. “There’ll be a funeral for these families for these individuals coming up. That’s also hard on the investigators and they can put themselves in that same position.”

Both men say if anyone has any information regarding this case, they are urged to contact police at 706-225-4293 or 706-653-3400.


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