Home invasion safety tips

COLUMBUS, Ga. – In light of the recent deadly home invasion in Upatoi, News Three reached out to law enforcement to see what we could all do to protect our families from intruders.

Joshua Brown came home from work Monday to find his front door kicked open.

“When it first happened I was very shaken up.  My hands were trembling,” Brown said.

Muscogee County Sheriff Deputy Jeffrey Hackey said don’t go inside and call 911 if you get home and it appears your house has been broken into.  Hackey said there are several ways to handle the situation if you are home when someone breaks in.

“If people have easy access to the window they can jump out of the window or if they think that they’d be better off hiding.  There’s a lot of different scenarios that all could have a lot of different outcomes,” Hackey said.

Brown said three televisions, two Playstation 4’s and an Xbox One were stolen.

Hackey said if you are home when someone armed breaks into your home and you don’t have the chance to get away, the best thing to do is to give them what they want.


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