Triple homicide victim was Shaw High student

COLUMBUS, Ga. – One of the victims of the triple homicide was 17-year-old Caleb Short. He was a student at Shaw High School.

We reached out to Shaw High School today to see how they were handling Caleb’s tragic death. They said a team of professionals, psychologists, and social workers were helping students and staff. The Muscogee County School District says students and staff are “shocked and saddened to hear this news.”

“What do you tell someone in a situation like this? What we do know is there is an ongoing investigation. We are saddened by the news that one of our students or any victims were actually involved and it’s hard because death is not an easy thing.” Says Valerie Fuller.

The school district says having staff on hand to help students and teachers is standard procedure.

The principal of Shaw High School sent us a statement today. It reads.

“Shaw High School greatly appreciates your thoughts and prayers as our students and staff begin the healing process after the passing of our very own Raider, Caleb Short. Please take this opportunity to let your own family and friends know how much they truly mean to  you.”

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