Keeping Focus

TALBOT COUNTY, Ga. – Ever imagine what you could do if you really focused? That’s part of a shooting technique taught by a Columbus native who lives in Talbot County.

James Rutland has a place out in the country where he teaches folks how to shoot, using a BB gun.

During this session, James was giving a lesson to Graham and Mack Shirley, the grandsons of Former Muscogee County Schools Superintendent Jim Buntin.

“How fast can you shoot guys? As fast as you can what…focus.”

“Focus is what life is all about.. So when we’re focused on something, we do better at it, don’t we?”

Some folks call what James teaches instinctive shooting. James refers to it as point shooting.

“The concept of point shooting is you already have the ability to point. So your ability to point transitions to all types of sports. Everything we do we’re focusing on something in every sport. In this case we’re focusing on the object. We’re not focusing on the gun they’re shooting. That’s why we have a BB gun with no sights.”

The targets are big at first, paper plates with a bright orange bullseye. Then the target shifts to brightly colored balls on the ground. A little further away are metal quail figures to take target practice on. They then transition to shooting a ball being tossed into the air. The next target is a metal disc about three inches in diameter.

“What’s the secret to what you’re teaching?”

“Focus. Eye-hand coordination. Trusting yourself. God gave you the ability to point. God gave you the ability to see clearly. And use you peripheral vision and use your focal point in the correct way and that’s the key to it is you’re trusting your God-given ability.”

The targets keep getting smaller. This time James throws up a quarter and Mack hits it the first two times he takes aim.

James has taught this point shooting technique to pro golfers like Larry Mize. To pro baseball players like John Lester. He’s taught the entire Georgia baseball team. Best ranger competitors and Former Governor Sonny Perdue to name a few.

You can learn more by emailing James at

His webiste is

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