More than $1 million in storm damage across Russell County

RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. – Many counties in our area have been impacted by the recent rains, but one of the areas hit is Russell County with more than a million dollars in damage.

“We’ve never seen the complete washout where you can’t get through the road at all.” Says Russell County Resident Pat Smith.

Pat Smith and her family have lived in Cottonton, South Russell County for 45 years and she says she’s never seen the damage she’s seen this holiday.

“We aren’t able to go out on one end of the road. We have to travel 4.5 miles out of our way to get to work and town so we’re concerned about that end of the road to continue to wash.” Says Pat Smith.

Smith lives on Gatewood Drive. The road to and from her home is a dirt road. On one side, the road is closed because the road completely washed out. Since Christmas Eve, Russell County has seen several roads wash out. They’ve had to close six roads mostly because of the culvert underneath a dirt road, buckled under the massive amount of rain we saw beginning Christmas Eve.

According to Russell County EMA Director Bob Franklin, the county is facing more than a million dollars in damages and that could grow.

State Emergency Management Representatives are expected Monday to tour Russell County confirming the estimated damage. The damage in this county is exceeding its local resources so they are hoping to receive state and possibly FEMA funds to help in the recovery. Franklin is hoping to get some help in the next two weeks to help fix the roads and infrastructure damaged by the flooding, but he needs feedback from residents to document their damage. Pat Smith is hoping this help does comes through.

“We know the county is limited in their funds and resources so we’re concerned these issues won’t be fixed for a long time.” Says Pat Smith.

Russell County Emergency Management Office wants to hear from you if you’ve had damages to your property. Please call them at 334-291-5079.


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