Family receives new car for Christmas

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The family who lost their 7-year-old son Ayden Kitchens in a tragic car crash Saturday got a special Christmas gift Thursday, that all started with a Christmas wish from Ayden himself. A Phenix City business owner heard about the wish and made it come true this Christmas Eve morning.

“All I did was post his Christmas list and I never imagined something like this would happen.” Says Cassandra Kitchens

Cassandra kitchens and TJ Rodgers – and their family – are mourning the loss of 7-year-old Ayden Kitchens. Ayden passed away in a car crash Saturday evening. In addition to losing Ayden, the family has been struggling to get by. The car in the crash was their only car and a new family car was one of the things Ayden had asked Santa for Christmas.

and i want a car and make it big. to Santa, love Ayden.

Word about the Christmas list got around and not just to Santa. Tim Bratton, the owner of Bratton Automotive in Phenix City heard about the post from a friend.

“When Misty told me the number one thing on Ayden’s Christmas list was for his mother to get an Automotive for Christmas there was nothing more for me to say than, i’d make it happen.” Says Mike Bratton.

And he did. Bratton gifted this big vehicle to Cassandra and TJ, completely free of charge.

Workers changed the tag and put the 2008 jeep patriot in Cassandra’s name…

“He’s up there smiling down upon us, even though he died he’s still looking out for his mama. He loved his mama to death.” Says TJ Rodgers, Jr.

The family now owns a vehicle and has a little hope and cheer this Christmas. Also on Ayden’s Christmas list, a kitten.

His mom Cassandra plans to buy the family a kitten for Christmas and call him Ayden, Jr.

Ayden’s funeral was Saturday.

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