Don’t have to be rich to be in shape

Columbus, Ga.-  If your New Year’s resolution has something to do with health then this story is for you:

In fact, Katrina B. Hill, a Columbus fitness expert says, you don’t have to be rich to be in shape. She says sometimes the best equipment to getting fit is right out side your doors. She has seen first hand the great outdoors be more beneficial for many people rather than signing up for an expensive gym.

“Working inside a closed facility you feel like I’m doing the same thing every single day,” says Hill. “It’s kind of tiring and you fell know I did that yesterday. I will go back next week and next week turns into next month and next month turns into next year and now your are done, but if you are outside I can do the steps today and the hill over there, I can get into the grass and do some bear crawls, and get on the side of the bench and do some push ups. I can do some step ups, the curb. There are so many things you could do outside that your not limited to a gym,” says Hill.

If you are going to join a gym Consumer Reports says to negotiate your monthly price or wait until the end of January when gyms are more willing to actually make a deal.

Katrina B. Hill shares her insider tips to be fit for good:

  • Trick your body and make it guess. She says confusion means change! Never do the same workout twice.
  •  Fuel your body with good food and water because it’s 80% of the battle of the bulge. If you eat however you want and workout a ton she says “it will be all for not.”
  •  Accountability is key! Hill says know the type of person that you are. If you are an extrovert then find a partner or a group of partners who can push you to your next best level.
  • Start small! She says once you start feeling better and you are hooked it will become the normal to work out regularly. However, until you truly make it a lasting habit some is better than none.
  • Last, but not least Hill says the main stumbling block is everyone’s desire to be drop weight. She says just focusing on weight is a trap and there are so many more reasons to want to workout and eat healthy. She says if you start moving more and eat whole foods your skin, sleep and endurance will all improve and your best weight and size will fall into the perfect place for you.

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